Requirements for the Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in African studies offers students the opportunity to pursue a multidisciplinary study of Africa. The minor requires a minimum of 15 hours. Candidates for the minor are required to take two core courses, AFS 150 and AFS 250, as well as a 3 hour Wake Forest approved summer study abroad course in Africa. With prior approval, students studying abroad for a semester in Africa on a Wake Forest approved program may be exempted from the required summer study abroad course. Students may select the remaining 9 hours from the list of electives. Students who intend to minor in African Studies are encouraged to consult the coordinator of the program in their sophomore year. It is strongly recommended that AFS 250 be taken in the student’s senior year.
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Required African Studies Courses
150: Introduction to African Studies. (1.5h) Introduces the ways in which the perceptions and realities of the African continent have been shaped by the forces of history, economics, culture, and politics.
220. Studies in Africa. (3h) This summer study abroad course is a theoretical and practical study of the history, politics, economy, society, and culture of an African country through formal lectures, field trips, and excursions. Based in Accra, Ghana. Similar programs in Africa may be approved by the coordinator.
250. Seminar on Contemporary Issues in African Studies. (1.5h) Interdisciplinary investigation of contemporary issues on the African continent. P—AFS 150