Ghana Summer Study Abroad


Wake Forest University’s Studies in Africa summer program is based in Accra, Ghana. With a population of roughly 2 million, this capital city is known for both its dynamic intellectual, social and cultural life. Through excursions and field trips to different parts of the country, students will discover the complex history of a country that was once the seat of the mighty Ashanti Empire and which still holds a vivid legacy as the center for gold, ivory and slave trade during centuries past when Ghana was a historical destination for missionaries, slavers, and empire builders.


Summer Session I, May 24 – June 20, 2014


This program is designed to introduce students to the culture, politics, economy, and society of Ghana. The faculty member will deliver lectures on Ghanaian history, politics, economy, religion and, society. These lectures will be spread over the four weeks of the course. In addition, guest lecturers will be invited once a week to deliver lectures on special topics relating to the subjects covered by the faculty director. Two students from the University of Ghana will join the group, providing ample opportunities for exposure to Ghanaian and the broader West African culture.

Students will also participate in service-learning project with the Dzorwolu Elementary School where students will have an opportunity to teach and play with kids between ages 6 & 12.

Activities & Excursions

Students will visit, among others, the Kakum National Park which is to the north of Cape Coast. Here, students will take a nature walk and also have the opportunity to stroll on the canopy walkway which is suspended 120ft above the extensive virgin forest. Students will also visit Cape Coast and its castle through which thousands of Ghanaians were transported to the plantations in the Caribbean and the Americas to work as slaves.

A two-day trip will take students to Kumasi , the capital of the old and gold-rich Asante empire. Here a field trip will be made to the Maynhyia Palace of the paramount King, the Asantehene. At the Palace Museum, students will learn not just the glorious history of the Asante but that of the nation and its encounter with Europe. Students will also visit Kumasi Market, the second largest of its kind in Africa.

In Accra, students will visit, among others, the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Museum, and the famous Art Market.


Students will be housed at the University of Ghana guest house, various hotels on excursions.

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