Current Electives Offered

ART 104. Topics in World Art. (3h) when topic is appropriate
BIO 344. African Savanna Ecology and Conservation. (4h)
ECN 258. Economic Growth and Development. (3h)
HST 105. Africa in World History. (3h)
HST 240. African-American History. (3h)
HST 268. African History to 1870. (3h)
HST 269. African History since 1850. (3h)
HST 336. Gender and Power in African History. (3h)
HST 340. Social and Cultural Change in Urban Africa. (3h)
HST 341. Africans in the Atlantic World, 1750-1815. (3h)
HST 378. Race, Memory, and Identity. (3h)
HMN  222. African and Caribbean Literature. (3h)
HMN 353. African and Caribbean Women Writers. (3h)
POL 242. Topics in Comparative Politics. (3h) when topic is appropriate
POL 252. Topics in International Politics. (3h) when topic is appropriate
POL 266. Civil Wars: Causes and Consequences. (3h)
REL 107. Introduction to African Religions. (3h)
REL 336. Religious Traditions and Human Rights. (3h)
REL 339. Religions of Africa. (3h)
REL 345. African-American Religious Experience. (3h)
REL 348. Race, Memory, and Identity. (3h)
REL 393. Topics in Religions of Africa. (3h)
SPN 371. Afro-Cuban Cultural Expressions. (3h)